The Transition Network is a movement of organisations and people in over 50 countries, working to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train communities as they self-organise, creating initiatives that work towards a more sustainable world.


When Transition first approached us, they were stuck in a ‘response’ frame, defining themselves as a ‘response to’

the problems of peak oil and CO2 emissions, rather than by defining themselves on their own terms.


Whilst the movement had past success in convening people by communicating the problems to which it was a solution, as the Transition story moves into its next phase, the challenge has been to find a new, more optimistic frame to empower and catalyse the organisation as it moves forward.


We have been helping Transition to move the story on – to encourage them to stand side-by-side with citizens in asking questions about the kind of world we all want to inhabit, and then to celebrate the achievements of those already doing something to get us there.


This was a significant change in the movement’s strategy, which is wonderfully presented in this talk from founder Rob Hopkins, at the 2015 OuiShare Festival. Transition have also recently  published a landmark publication, “21 Stories of Transition: how a movement of communities is coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world".



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