Partner: The SU Bath


How can we together reinvent Bath’s Student Union for the 21st century?

The Opportunity: Purpose articulation and co-creation


To develop and articulate a clear purpose for the Students’ Union, through a co-created process, involving University of Bath Union Staff, officers, undergrad and postgrad students.

Heading 1

Our approach: co-creation

From our initial research and interviews with students, staff and officers came a strong desire for the Student Union stand for something bigger than the current status quo of ‘making the most of your time at uni’.


With staff, officers, students and alumni we conducted a series of co-creation workshops to understand the best of people’s experiences of being part of the Bath student community and to re-imagine what that could mean for the future of the Student Union. Together we identified common principles and mindset shifts around what is important for both individual and collective potential to thrive in the student community.


Final outputs included an articulated purpose for SU Bath, a set of principles, creative thought starters and recommendations to take the work forward.

Creating the space


'Helping you make the most of your time at University'



'Coming together to make ourselves and our community the best we can be'



Working for students 



Working with students



Students as consumers (offering services for students to use)



Students as citizens (able to contribute and partcipate)

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